The Villas

Gino Feruci Villa Ubud is the place to go if you wish to enjoy a Bali stay that goes above and beyond just simply ordinary. From our strategic location, to our villas, to the available facilities and services, every element of Gino Feruci Villa Ubud is carefully and expertly engineered to deliver a fantastic vilal experience suitable for everyone and anyone to take pleasure in.


Type Dimension Total Villas
Caldora Villa 110,7 m² 15
Loriano Villa 219,04 m² 3
Belfort Villa 263,44 m² 1

Guests of Gino Feruci Villa Ubud can enjoy a variety of additional facilities/services designed to complement their stay.

Services for transportation escorts or tours can also be arranged for your convenience, allowing you to easily access many of the wonderful attractions Bali has to offer.


  • Private swimming pool on every villa
  • Complementary Internet access
  • Gardens
  • Tracks that you can enjoy for a leisurely walk whenever you wish

our villas



Caldora is a one-bedroom villa perfect for not only single/individual guests but also for those who wish to enjoy a more private and intimate atmosphere with their company. Despite its compact size, rest assured that Caldora is suitably outfitted with quality modern pleasantries to ensure you a worthwhile stay.



Loriano offers an upgrade with 2 bedrooms and expanded size, allowing you more flexibility in the number of company you want to bring, as well as increased comfort of stay. A great choice for single guest who wish for extra space, or couples or groups of people like families and/or friends.



Belfort is the biggest villa type available, with 3 bedrooms available, making it an especially suitable choice for families or groups of friends to enjoy. The most luxurious type available, Belfort is reserved only for the type of guests who want to enjoy truly the pinnacle of what we have to offer, be that in comfort, space, and the facilities/amenities available to enjoy; the type of guests who do not want to compromise other than the best.