The restaurant of Gino Feruci Villa Ubud Bali allows our guests quick and easy access to expertly crafted selection of quality food and beverage, all wrapped inside a Ubud Bali Villa with a relaxing atmosphere designed to make your Ubud Bali dining moments into something special worthy remembering!

Social gatherings, cordial rendezvous, or even just to pass time alone, if a good time with good food is what you are looking for, then the Gino Feruci Villa Ubud Bali restaurant will be more than glad to provide it for you. Of course, Ubud Bali also is not short of options for great dining venue to enjoy for a fantastic Ubud Bali Restaurant experience. Whether outside or inside, when you are staying with Gino Feruci Villa Ubud Bali, a great dining moment is never far away!