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Lovina Beach is a 12 km stretch of coast to the North West of Singaraja in North Bali. It is several resorts rather than one. It is comprised of several narrow stretches of black volcanic sand. Lovina, like most of Bali, fills up with tourists from all over the world in August and Australians at Chrismass. Lovina is a nice break from the bustle of the South. These days the mix of tourists is mainly families and couples rather than the backpackers of yesteryear.

By staying at Gino Feruci Villa Lovina Bali, you are just one step away from a vacation filled with fun-filled activities and exciting adventures. As the goal of Gino Feruci Villa Lovina Bali is to make you enjoy your visit as much as possible, please do not hesitate to ask for our assistance if you wish to enjoy the numerous diversions around Lovina!

what you can do near our villa


Dolphin Tour

Dog is a man’s best friend, many would argue, but Dolphin can make a really strong case as well. Participate in Dolphin sightseeing tour in Lovina and watch the friendly and excitable Dolphins welcoming you to their playground by jumping around in glee. A recommended excursion in Lovina that should not be missed!


Snorkeling & Fishing

Fancy swimming in the sea or maybe you have a passion for fishing? Snorkeling and fishing are popular diversions in Lovina that you can enjoy. Many local fishermen will be more than happy to help you if you want to pursue these fun activities of the sea, so if you are interested you should make a time for either one or both of them.



Not satisfied with just scurrying on top of the sea’s surface with boats? Why not take your adventure to a new level by diving into the beautiful depths of Lovina ocean? You can enjoy various diving trips from numerous local beaches around Lovina or from the popular spots like Menjangan Island, Tulamben, and Amed.


Hot Springs & Spas

For a short trip of just around 30 minutes from Lovina, you can enjoy the famous Banjar Hotsprings located west of Lovina. Affordable and pleasurable, this is something that everyone should try. Alternatively, in Lovina you can also enjoy various spa services that are generally much more affordable than the spa services available in southern Bali.


Hiking & Trekking

If you are the kind of person that enjoys the feeling of nature, than a visit to West National Park may worth your while. Explore the wonders of Bali’s floras and faunas—some of them even of the endangered kind. If you are unsure or a bit lost about what to do, guides are available to help you out. Additionally, those wishing to enjoy some forest trekking can opt to go to Munduk.



Feeling the need to be more active with adrenalines coursing through your body? Then you will be delighted to know throughout the beaches of Lovina you can have the chance to enjoy various exciting and fun sporting activities such as parasailing, kneeboarding, or water skiing. After all, a beach vacation is not complete without beach sports!



In Lovina, you can find a plentiful supply of wondrous things to goggle at, whether it is numerous amazing vistas and sceneries or interesting place of interests such as Brahma Vihara Arama (the largest Buddhist monastery in Bali) or Les Waterfall in Singaraja. Bat caves (the real ones, not the superhero kind)? You can see them as well. Temples with monkeys? You can visit the Pulaki Temple on the west of Lovina—just watch for your belongings!

Or… just lazing around to relax

Of course, if you do not want to bother yourself with various excursions and activities, you can do that as well without making your vacation any less enjoyable than otherwise. You can lying around on the private beach of our villa while getting the sun tan from the famous sun of Bali while enjoying the calming, lulling sound of waves splashing on the beach… that is certainly not a bad idea to pass the time.